Friday, April 25, 2008

April Promotion Test

Congratulations to the following students for their effort and hard work!

Nevaeh Eckroth, Lion I
Anthony Yatskov, Shark II
Isaiah Hollingsworth, Cobra I
Marco Lopez, Cobra II
Michelle Martinez, Shark I
Nathan Saier, Lion II
Jimmy Shea, Cobra I
Tegan Kelley, Shark II
Kyle Haslem, Crest

Tigram Mansuryan, 6th Kyu
Hannah Bryant, 9th Kyu
Carson Padbury, 7th Kyu
Sierra Haslem, Crest
Kaden Haslem, Crest
Brynn Kelly, 9th Kyu
Amber Lindstrom, 9th Kyu
Landon Carlson, 10 Kyu
Delaney Shea, 4th Kyu
Simone Smith, 9th Kyu
Elliott Shipley, 10th Kyu
Damon Bray, 10 Kyu
Brendon Bray, 10 Kyu
Ethan Ecroth, 7th Kyu
Natalie Clark, 10th Kyu
Jacob Plummer, 8th Kyu
Malory Olsen, 6th Kyu
Zander Eisenhauer, 6th Kyu
Nicole Neal, 7th Kyu

Jim Bryant, 10th Kyu
Francisco Corona, 8th Kyu
Jaimie Ellis, 4th Kyu
Andrew Evans, Crest
Andrea Gillette, Crest
Robin Hamblet, Crest
Leyenda Lloyd, Crest
Susan Shea, 7th Kyu
Robin Smith , 9th Kyu
Amanda McMillan, 5th Kyu
Brad Bray, 10 Kyu
JoAnn Silagy, Crest

Chief Instructor's Report: SEISHINKAN Kata Clinic

From: The Chief Instructor

I just finished the Portland Gasshuku a few hours ago and am writing this message from Sensei Ellis's house. The event was a great success. I heard so many good comments from many participants who came up to me after the Gasshuku. The focus of the Gasshuku was kata. The first day, we spent two hours going through details of Sanchin kata, the fundamental kata for our style. During the class, we went through why Sanchin kata is so important, and how Sanchin kata will be used in other kaishu-gata. On the second day, we had senior sensei (Sensei Bob Ellis, Sensei Gene Villa, Sensei Brent Hartwig and Sensei Ernie Brennecke) check every single participant's kata. Each participant got private lessons and comments from some of the finest instructors in the IOGKF USA that he or she can bring back home and practice. We also had a short lecture of Goju-Ryu history and concerning Higaonna Sensei's famous Yoyogi Dojo training back 40 years ago by Sensei Bob Ellis and Sensei Ernie Brennecke. They were quite interesting stories. Sensei Ernie was in the Yoyogi Dojo in 1964, one year before I was born! How old is he? Please don't ask:-) I would like to thank all attendants, and dojo heads, and senior sensei (Sensei Bob, Sensei Gene, Sensei Brent, Sensei Ernie) for sharing your experience and knowledge that made this gasshuku so special.

A Special thank you to Sensei Bob and his family for the great hospitality and for hosting this event. I surely had a wonderful time. We have so many talented instructors within our organization. We should start setting the stage to ask for these instructors to come forward and share their knowledge. It will benefit all of us.

Best regards,
Tetsuji Nakamura
IOGKF North America Chief Instructor